What Are The Different Types Of Standard Certifications?

Achieving the necessary quality standards for a product is sometimes not an option for you. Therefore, according to certain rules, there will be several certifications that your product will have to achieve in order for it to be recognized in the market and among customers. The most recognized set of certifications and standards are offered by ISO (International Organization for Standards) which ensure that the product is up to the expectations ad fulfill a certain criteria of requirements. These standards are divided into many categories by which they offered to ensure certain aspects of a product. Below are some of such selected types.QualityQuality is most certainly what any of us would search for in the products we buy. No matter hat price it may be, assuring that you feel safe with the product is highly important. According to ISO, there are several standards under this sector that you should achieve, if relevant for your product; ISO 13485 for medical devices, ISO 21001 for education systems, ISO 19443 for the supply chain of nuclear energy sector, ISO 10006 for guidelines for quality management in projects etc.IndustryJust like AS/NZS 4801 compliance, there are many international standards that would affect your products. When speaking of industry related standards, they may not count to be as many as the ones of quality. Yet, they manage to cover several areas that affect industries as the following; ISO 14298 for graphic technology, ISO 15378 for the primary packing products of medicinal products, ISO 16000-40 for indoor air quality management, ISO 41001 for facility management and ISO 22163 for railway applications.SafetyYou may have heard of the HACCP certification consultants who assist you in achieving the relevant safety standards for your product. In order for your customer to feel safe when using a product, ISO has presented with the following standards; ISO 22000 for food safety management systems, ISO 10377 for consumer product safety, ISO 10393 for consumer product recall, ISO 22004 for guidance on the application of food safety management systems etc. Check out more here http://www.aqcsconsulting.com.au/haacp-codex-food-safety-systems/. GeneralThe general management standards offered by the ISO are not too many as of quality and safety. In fact, the number of standards can be listed down easily as; ISO 30401 as human resource management, ISO 34101 for sustainable and traceable cocoa beans, ISO 44001 for collaborative business relations management etc. Therefore, it is highly important that you achieve these certifications to your product in order to succeed in the market and win market leadership among customers.