The Different Blood Groups

Our blood group is inherited like our eye colour. Human blood is divided into 4 major blood groups and eight common blood types which differ from one to another that are determined by certain antigens presence or absence in our blood. These antigens can trigger the immune system to attack when there’s something foreign in the body. That’s why blood transfusion is only done when the blood to be transfused matches the recipients’ blood, if not the immune system will attack the transfused blood leading to various complications.

In case someone receives the wrong blood the recipient will feel sick, fever, chills, nausea, blood in urine, jaundice, breathing difficulties and muscle ache. It also changes your vital signs especially heart rate, breathing, temperature and blood pressure. Most of these can be checked by you and easily buy nest cam indoor security camera and a heart rate sensor. The recipient who received the wrong blood will be put in the Intensive Care Unit and may receive intravenous fluids to prevent blood clotting, blood pressure from dropping and kidney failure. Further there will be transfusion of platelets and plasmas.

The main blood groups are Group A, B, AB and O. The lettering refers to the antigens. A blood type has A antigens, B blood type has B antigens, AB blood type has A and B antigens and O blood type has neither A or B antigens but both A and B antibodies on plasmas. Further Type A blood can donate blood A and AB’s, B blood type can donate blood to B and AB’s, AB blood type can donate blood to AB’s only but can receive from all others and O blood type can donate blood to anyone and is also known as a universal donor.

It has been identified that different blood groups have different effects on health as well. O blood for example has some protection against heart attacks and stroke and AB blood is more susceptible. Similarly blood pressure and cholesterol levels have an effect too. Most of these can be easily monitored wherever you are. You could easily get Omron 10 Honk Kong price that is reasonable and measure cholesterol levels regularly and exercise.

Blood also has a different blood group system called Rhesus (Rh). Rh can be present or absent in blood meaning it is denoted as a positive (+) or negative (-) and stated after the main blood group. The blood groups are not equally spread between the population and some blood groups are prevalent than others. For example O+ blood is the most common followed by O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+ and AB – being the rarest and only present among 1% of the population.