Common Smartphone Issues

We have to admit that we have become quite addicted to smartphones in the past couple of years. This is predictable, as newer phones come with all sorts of gadgets and apps to make our life easier and more fun. They have also almost completely replaced a lot of other devices, making smartphones very versatile and useful to almost every person out there.

Sadly, all this technology does come at a price. Phone prices have gone up, with higher end smartphones rivalling the prices of some fully loaded laptops and desktop computers. Even then, their serviceability is not that great, and there are many issues that plague smartphones, no matter the brand and model. Although the best solution to fix these problems is to take your phone to a repair shop, doing this each and every time can prove to be a hassle, which is why you should try a few fixes yourself if possible.

To help you, given below are some common smartphone problems and ways you can fix them:

  • Overheating – Overheating can be experienced if you use your smartphone for long periods of time and have many applications running in the background. Possible solutions include turning off any applications you don’t use, decreasing the screen brightness and keeping your phone out of the way of external light and heat sources, particularly direct sunlight.
  • Cracked Screen – If you have ever dropped your smartphone, it is quite likely you have had some experience with a cracked screen. Minor scratches might only affect a phone’s aesthetics, but a major fall might make the touchscreen of your phone unresponsive. The best way to fix a cracked screen is to replace it with a new one, but doing it yourself can be a bit troublesome. Take your phone to a repair shop for an iPhone 6 screen repair in Melbourne.
  • Phone Crashes – Random reboots and crashes are some of the most common issues experienced by smartphone users. Sadly, there can be many causes for this, and some of them can be quite hard to find. The crash might be simply caused by an unsupported app or it can also be due to a major flaw in the system software. Some crashes can be solved by a system reboot, clearing the cache or by restoring factory default settings. If these solutions do not seem to have an effect, take your phone to the nearest repair centre for a Samsung phone repair job. Click here for more info on Samsung phone repair Mebourne CBD.
  • Battery Issues – Battery issues include a battery that is not fully charging or one that drain far too quickly. The main cause of battery issues is due to running battery-draining apps for long periods of time. You need to identify these apps by yourself and close them whenever you don’t need to use them. Furthermore, you can try to reduce your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth usage, which are some features which can quickly drain a fully charged battery in the matter of a few hours. Phone batteries also have limited charging and draining cycles, and once you use them long enough, their performance will fade. At this point, consider replacing your old battery for a new one with similar specifications.