Fixing A Slow Computer

You may have experienced the fact that your current machine is not performing at the same kind of speed as it was back when you first bought it. Sometimes, there can be quite significant slowdowns, either while you work, play games or even when you boot and shut down the machine. Of course, seeing this kind of slowdown is a sign that your computer isn’t working as intended. Finding a solution to the slowdown issue takes time, as you need to identify what is causing the issue first. Sometimes, there might be more than a single problem, and you will need to address all of them if you want your machine to be at its best once again.

Here are some particularly effective methods to cure most computer slowdowns. Be aware that these may not fix your machine all the time:

Check for Virus Infections

With how much people use the Internet nowadays, it is really no surprise that there has been a vast increase worldwide in the number of machines infected with computer viruses and other malware. Installation of an anti-virus service is probably the best way to protect against these threats, but not all people make use of all the functionalities of such software. Schedule a full scan of your machine, including all external storage media you frequently use to see whether your machine is infected.

Make a Clean Install of Your OS

Over time, the operating system can get bloated with all the software we install on our machines. Performing a clean install of the OS once again can help your computer get back up to speed by removing any unnecessary and redundant software you may have installed long ago. But be careful with clean installs: make sure you back up your data with data recovery St Kilda software or services before wiping it all away, or you will lose it permanently without a chance for retrieval.

Have a Technician Take a Look

Some computer slowdowns are hardware related rather than being caused by software issues and conflict. In that case, neither of the above methods will be of any help to you. Instead of wasting your time fiddling with your software, take your machine to a computer and laptop repairs Toorak specialist for maintenance purposes. In this way, you can fix issues such as overheating machines (due to dust accumulation), motherboard faults and battery issues (caused by old age or improper usage).

Upgrade Your Machine

The world of computers is constantly evolving. This means that what was cutting edge technology just a couple of years ago is now relegated to compete with mid-range solutions at best. If your machine is approaching four or five years of age, it is high time you consider at least a major upgrade or the purchasing of a new machine. Software developers optimize their programs to run with the latest machines, and that may cause issues with older hardware like yours.